Where the sun is shining

Lately my Facebook feed is pretty much full of posts from my Spanish friends who complain about the heatwave that’s currently hitting my homeland . Here, however , we are having the coolest, grayest and most miserable summer I can remember since I arrived in the UK almost four years ago. I was super lucky […] Read More

Rediscovering Bakewell

Hidden amid the endless grasslands and vivid-coloured landscapes of the Peak District lies one of my favourite places in England: Bakewell. At first it may seem nothing more but humble little village, with narrow streets and stone houses. But as we walk into it and discover its ancient and charming shops, it is impossible not […] Read More

A walk around London

It’s been two years since I landed in the UK, carrying three suitcases full of sweaters and shoes, of dreams and fears, and with an endless list of things I wanted to achieve and places I wanted to visit. A couple of weeks back I was sort of pondering about the subject and I realised […] Read More

Stack Rocks – Pembrokshire, Wales

Last weekend was the last bank holiday before Christmas… Yes, I know, unbelievable. In Spain we have something like 16 bank holidays per year, versus just 8 in the UK! Having spent the two previous weeks in my fricking hot  sunny homeland visiting family and friends, I was experiencing the worst holiday blues ever. So […] Read More