My World

Where the sun is shining

Lately my Facebook feed is pretty much full of posts from my Spanish friends who complain about the heatwave that’s currently hitting my homeland . Here, however , we are having the coolest, grayest and most miserable summer I can remember since I arrived in the UK almost four years ago. I was super lucky […] Read More

The best and worst of living abroad

If I got a penny for every time someone asks me “So why did you move to England?” I would definitely be able to afford the new Tesla. Something I have learned throughout the last few years is that people often think they know what the answer is before I even begin to explain myself. […] Read More

Always forwards

We must forget certain things in order to move forwards in life. -Eduard Punset Life isn’t always how we expected. Sometimes it fills us with surprise and joy, sometimes it lets us down. There are times where we simply assume that something is going to happen in a particular way, or that a certain someone is […] Read More

Time Lapse

Have you ever found yourself opening your eyes only to realise that you are in the right place with the right person, that you are completely happy but somehow you don’t remember having drawn up a master plan to get to that point in life? That is precisely what I felt this last 28th of […] Read More