The best and worst of living abroad

If I got a penny for every time someone asks me “So why did you move to England?” I would definitely be able to afford the new Tesla. Something I have learned throughout the last few years is that people often think they know what the answer is before I even begin to explain myself. […] Read More

My In-Flight Essentials

One of the direct consequences of living abroad is that the start of the festive season means flying back home.Right now I am wrapped up in a crazy spiral of packing Christmas presents, choosing festive outfits and a deciding which red lipsticks to take with me. And just as usual, I am way behind schedule! […] Read More

My Christmas Wishlist

Historically, my Christmas wishlists have always been a good few pages long. But I have come to a point in life where my only wish is to spend the Christmas Holidays with my loved ones.As a result of living in excess of 1000 km away from my Homeland, I have learned to cherish every single […] Read More