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Hello! My name is Sophia and I write this blog about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I am originally from the amazing city of Madrid (Spain), but I always wanted to explore new countries and lifestyles, so in 2012 I packed my umbrella and my wellies and moved to the UK.

I’m also a full time electronics engineer, and I’m passionate about electric vehicles and clean technologies. I met my partner on my morning bus to university circa 2009 and over the next years he transitioned from stranger, to best friend to sould mate & love of my life. In mid 2015 he decided to leave our sunny homeland and join me in my UK adventure. Life is amazing when your partner is your best friend as well.

I’m crazy about yoga and all the body/mind balance it brings to my life. I started in October 2014 and now I am totally hooked.

And though I love to embrace the crazy adventorousness of living abroad, there are days when I feel terribly homesick and miss my mother and brother like there is no tomorrow.

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