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Where the sun is shining

Lately my Facebook feed is pretty much full of posts from my Spanish friends who complain about the heatwave that’s currently hitting my homeland . Here, however , we are having the coolest, grayest and most miserable summer I can remember since I arrived in the UK almost four years ago.

I was super lucky to grow up in a family where traveling to exotic destinations was a common occurrence, rather than luxury. We used to spend the summers in Spain , but during the autumn and winter we always escaped to warmer countries.

Now everything is different. Living abroad means that when I travel is usually to return to Spain and spend a few days with my family and friends. But as time goes by, the time between trips feels longer and longer, and the days spent at home go insanely quick…

And I know that a fragment of my heart will always be there, where the sun is shining.

As I am in desperate need for summer (a real summer !), today’s photos are from a trip we did last year to Crete. After several months of barely seing the sun , my partner and I decided that we needed to escape the rain, and go somewhere with blue skies and turquoise waters.

Without giving it too much though, we booked a hotel in Elounda Bay,  on the eastern side of the island. We were impressed by its natural surroundings, the indigo and turoquoise colour of the sea, and the fact that it was less tourity tha we had expected, which we loved. Once there, we rented a convertible, and explored as much as we could, driving from Voulisma to Vai Beach.







And this is everything for today.

I hope I can update the blog soon, and tell you about all of the exciting things that have been happening to me lately and keeping me super busy.