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Minimal Make-Up Favourites

January MakeUp Favourites

This winter I’m all about minimal eye make-up and a pop of lip colour.

Both life and work have been pretty hectic lately and I haven’t been in the mood for unleashing my creativity make-up wise. Instead, I have fully embraced the fresh-faced look, focusing on keeping my oily skin under control, and using very few make-up products. These are my absolute favourites, for a minimal yet polished look:

1 | They’re Real! Tinted Primer by Benefit

This mini size came on my January Birchbox and it was instant love. It’s a mink brown eyelash primer which can be worn alone or under your favourite mascara.

These last weeks I have been wearing it on its own to work and I love the subtle definition to my lashes. Last weekend I used it under MAC Haute and Naughty and the result was pretty spectacular.

2 | Lighten Up (brightener + waterliner) by Jelly Pong Pong

Another Birchbox discovery. Circa 2000, when I was in my early teens and my mother didn’t allow me to wear dark eyeliner, I resorted to white eye pencils along the waterline. I tried that again recently, and though it did make my eyes seem bigger, it just looked too kawaii for me.

This gorgeous off-white eye pencil achieves the best of both worlds: it opens-up and brightnes your eyes in a very natural way. Plus it can be used as a highlighter beneath the brow bone or on the cheekbones.

3 | Dior Lip Glow by Dior

I find it hard to describe this product and even harder to live without it. It’s the perfect compromise between a lipbalm and a lipstain, with a lovely scent. I own the original shade (001) , as well as the lilac limited edition (005) and never leave the house without one of them.

4 | Color Balm Lipstick by Stila

Let’s be honest here, I have never been a lipstick kind of girl. Don’t get me wrong: I love how it looks on most people, even on myself, but I tend to find it overly drying. So I usually resort to lip glosses, or stains and lately, to this mint-scented color balm. Don’t expect it to be as nourishing as a lip balm, but the compromise is more than good. And the depth of colour is amazing

5 | Balms Away by TheBalm

Even with minimal make-up, I find that thorough removal is absolutely key for mantaining a healthy skin and bright eyes.

With regards to this product, I never thought I could become so fascinated by something as simple as an eye make-up remover. But hey, it does feel like way more than that!

Its consistency reminds of vaseline, but slightly silkier. I usually apply a dab over my closed eyelids, wait a few seconds for it to break-up my eye make-up and then wipe away with a soft tissue. It can defeat the most long-lasting eyeliner/mascara/you name it. Seriously, it’s amazing.

It’s so good, that when I took it to Spain during the Christmas break, my mother and her super sensitive eyes fell in love with it. She begged me to please please please let her keep my tin of Balms Away. I guess we can consider that payback for all beauty products I borrowed from her during my teens!

P.S. As soon as I arrived in the UK, I ordered two tins for myself!


What are your favourite make-up products for a minimal make-up?