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Zoe Hart Inspired Outfit

If I had to make a list of my fashion influences, Zoe Hart would be number 1 on that list.

For those of you who have never heard of Zoe Hart, she is the main character in the comedy series Hart of Dixie, played by the lovely Rachel Bilson. The show revolves around a New Yorker in her late twenties who moves to the remote and slightly redneck town of Bluebell, Alabama, to work as a GP after her career aspirations of becoming a cardiac surgeon in NYC fell apart.

It is by no means the typical medical TV drama, with highly technical terms which are almost unpronounceable for us mere mortals. Hart of Dixie is light-hearted and fun, and it centers on the personal development of a sassy and strong minded female, who struggles to adapt her urbanite lifestyle to the less sophisticated way of living in the South.

In a similar way as Gossip Girl or Sex and the City did a few years ago, Hart of Dixie has become a yardstick for fashion. Each of the characters has a very well defined and elaborated dressing sense, and I personally love most of the outfits featured in the show!

 As you probably might have guessed by now, Zoe’s Hart style is my absolute favourite. It usually features red items, animal print, pretty shoes and edgy jackets, always with a high degree of sophistication. So I tried to combine each of these elements and came with this outfit, which I find perfect for a night out.

Not being a massive fan of miniskirts or crazy cleavages, I always resort to jeggings, cute tops and pretty shoes.

What TV shows inspire your fashion style?