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Oily Skin Detox

Oh, the joys of having an oily skin. Of ligthing up like an incandescent bulb halfway through the day and having to rush into the toilet to use blotting paper. Of checking the labels of all your beauty products hoping they will state those two critical words: Oil Free.

For almost a decade, I relied on cleansing products targeted for acne-prone skin. But now, in my late twenties, they have started to feel too agressive, leaving certain areas of my face feeling dry and miserable.

During the last couple of months, I have committed to a new detox routine, aiming to keep redness and shine at bay, without over-drying.

TEA TREE + Clear Skin Facial Soap by Tisserand. | The perfect soap bar. It removes all traces of makeup and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. It is very inexpensive and literally lasts ages!

Ionic Clay Mask Shine Away by Boots Botanics. | A five star face mask. It contains oceanic clay and willowbark, which target imperfections and excess oil without overdrying. Its texture is very liquid so I have found it works best on clean and dry skin. I apply it once a week and I can definitely notice that the next day, my skin stays shine free for a longer time!

Dramatically different moisturising gel by Clinique | My day moisturiser. It is oil-free and non-comedogenic. Compared to Clinique’s classic DDML, this gel feels more liquid and less balmy, but provides the perfect level of hydration for my oily skin.

Normaderm Night Detox by Vichy | It claims to be designed for blemish prone adult skin, targeting the excess oil production that occurs overnight. I find that it refines my pores and gives me a radiant look the next morning.

Tea Tree Blended Oil by Superdrug | My absolute holygrail of skincare products. I have been using this for two years now and nothing compares to it. Having previously used The Body Shop’s tea tree oil, I found Superdrug’s to feel considerably oilier on my skin and to take longer to absorb. But there is nothing wrong with that! I dab a few drops on my skin before bedtime rand it does wonders to my skin, seriously. 

And finally, because detox can be too aggressive for the not-so-oily areas of my face, I make sure that these are nourished and protected!

Super Balm by Boots Botanics | This reminds me a lot of Korres Shea Butter Lip Balm with a very different packaging and a slightly runnier consistency. I use it to protect my lips and the area around them before applying my skincare products.

Cucumber Eye Gel by Boots Essentials | I keep it refrigerated and apply it on the eye area at night and in the morning. It makes my eyes feel lightly hydrated and super refreshed. It also does wonders after a night out!

Do you suffer from an oily skin as well? What are skincare products do you use to tame it?